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Kitengela Hot Glass, based in Nairobi, Kenya, is owned by Anselm Croze and his wife Zorina. Each bead produced at the studio is hand made out of recycled window glass. The beads are half thick and half thin to symbolize having a lot versus having a little. There is a circle in the center connecting both halves. Kitengela Hot Glass did not make beads prior to working with us, and our bead is produced exclusively for One Bead.

Today, One Bead’s relationship with Kitengela Hot Glass continues and is stronger than ever. During youth leadership programs, Sara and her team share Anselm’s story with students worldwide and then challenge them to come up with a way to better their own communities – just as Anselm once challenged Sara.  We are proud to support Anselm’s business just as he is proud to support our message. The more beads we sell, the greater impact Anselm will be able to have on his community.






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