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Do the beads break?
They are glass, so occasionally we have some bead casualties.

What happens if my leather or bead breaks?
We have a full replacement policy. Simply email us to receive a new bracelet.  

What is One Bead’s mission?
To prove that one student, just like one bead, can be a catalyst for change. 

What are the beads made of?
Our beads are made out of recycled window glass that is melted and shaped into beads. The furnaces used to heat the glass run on recycled car fuel. Each bead is unique, with its own irregularities. No two beads will ever be the same because each one is made by hand.

Who makes the beads?
Our beads are made by hand at Kitengela Hot Glass, in Nairobi, Kenya, owned by Anselm Croze and his wife Zorina. And our bead maker’s name is Gerald! They are superheroes. Kitengela Hot Glass did not make beads prior to One Bead. They now make many different types of beads, but ours is produced exclusively for One Bead.

Can I shower with the bracelet on?
Showering with your original bracelet on is fine and even encouraged as it helps secure the knot. However, showering with your Black Label or Strength bracelet is not encouraged as it can loosen the clasp.

What does the bead stand for?
Our bead was designed with a purpose. Each bead is half thick and half thin to symbolize having a lot vs. having a little. The "O" in the middle represents a circle of unity – the idea that there is something that binds us all together globally regardless of our different economic backgrounds. The “O” also acknowledges the first school we partnered with, the Oloosirkon Government Primary School in Kenya.

How do I tie on the leather bracelets, and do they stay on?
We recommend a square knot, the most basic type of knot. Tie the bracelet fairly tight, as they tend to loosen over time. You want the bead tight on your wrist so it does not swing around and hit things. After wearing it for a couple of days, including in the shower, the leather will break in and then the knot will be secure.  

Why are the clasp bracelets more expensive?
The bracelets featured with a clasp range from $25-$35. This is because they require more time to make and more expensive materials.

Can the Black Label bracelet get wet?
We do NOT recommend showering/swimming with your Black Label bracelet. Although we use industrial strength adhesive glue to attach our clasp, this glue can be worn down over time especially when placed under hot water/steam.


How can I spread the word about One Bead?
There are so many ways to help spread the word and inspire others: 1) Wear your bead daily so whenever anyone asks about it, you can tell them what it stands for: that one person, just like one bead, can change the world; 2) Share photos of your beads on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #onebead and #beadthechange; and 3) Become a rep.


How can schools apply to have a leadership program hosted by One Bead
Email us. We would love to hear from you!


I am or know a store owner who would LOVE to sell One Bead merchandise. Is this possible? 
Yes! We love to partner with store owners who can help spread our message. Please email us and we will be in touch soon.


Do you have a question that's not listed here? Email us.




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