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Student Interview  

Dacey, sixth grade participant in a 2015 YLP, on leadership
*Interview conducted by Sara Wroblewski has been edited and condensed

SW: What was your favorite part of the One Bead Youth Leadership Program?

D: My favorite part of the leadership program was when we had to build a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti. That really showed how frustrating and hard it can be to work with other people.

SW: How would you define leadership?

D: The definition of leadership can vary in many different ways depending on the person. My definition is when other people look up to one person and the leader wants to lead by example in a positive way. 

SW: Did learning about One Bead inspire you to be a leader in your community?

D: Of course. Sara and One Bead inspired me to start a business and I am sure it will inspire others as well.

SW: Would you recommend the One Bead Youth Leadership Program to a friend? Why? 

D: I would definitely recommend the leadership program to a friend. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to join. I would recommend it to them because, as I have said before, there are different definitions of leadership. So why wouldn’t people want to share and learn about other people’s definitions of leadership and what they think it means?


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