plays a vital role in a child's ability to graduate from high school. 

At One Bead, we team up with teachers and community partners to cultivate leaders not solely defined by their intelligence but also by their passion, empathy, and resilience.


Youth Leadership Programs (YLPs)

YLPs are the main program service offered by our organization. We partner with schools and after-school organizations in the Greater Boston Area to provide a customized social impact experience for elementary and middles school-aged students. Our innovative model for programming gives youth an opportunity to positively impact their own community, while being introduced to topics such as finance, marketing, and public speaking. When children are given complete agency over a project that directly benefits those around them, their confidence and ability to empathize with others skyrockets.

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We are firm believers in the power of self-expression and leadership exploration at any grade level to encourage students forward on their path to higher education. This year, as a member of the 2018 TEDxYouth @BeaconStreet leadership team, we are on a mission find and nominate Youth Speakers representing all of Boston's diverse neighborhoods to give talks this November. We have always been advocates for story-telling–now TEDxYouth @BeaconStreet has given Boston's young people a platform to share their personal narratives in effort to better the community as a whole.

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83% of our students this fall reported a positive change in self-confidence as a result of programing. 

This demonstrates the power of our YLPs service learning model for programming. At One Bead, we take an integrated approach to learning. Our Program Directors collaborate with partners before, during, and after every session to ensure that the curriculum content meets the needs of each and every child. Building strong relationships with teachers and school administration cultivates a culture of empathy and understanding that is echoed in One Bead’s core values. 

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You're the real deal. We believe in your ideas, values, and ability to succeed. We are not here to be your teacher, parent, or tutor. We are here to share a different perspective. We promise to be honest, to listen, and to always give you 110%. You know some things about life and we know some things about public speaking, strong handshakes, and what it means to be a boss. Together, we can make a difference. We can invent solutions to problems that previously seemed unsolvable. We can learn from each other's experiences and write a new chapter for ourselves that radiates unity, empathy, and admiration for others. You are the reason our team wakes up everyday excited to go to work. You are important. We can't wait to meet you.

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TEDxYouth @BeaconStreet

TEDxYouth @BeaconStreet, an independently organized TED event, is hosting a series of youth talks on Saturday, November 10th, 2018. This year, One Bead is on the TEDxYouth @BeaconStreet curation team and is actively looking for young people within the Greater Boston Area to nominate as speakers. If you know someone with an idea that can catalyze change, inspire innovation, and shift perspectives–reach out!  For more inspiration, listen to talks from our 2017 speakers.


Why One Bead?

Our name is as unique as our model for impact. And that model is inspired by a trip to Kenya our Founder took in college. While there, she met a glassblower who helped her make beads, impact a community, and ultimately found a nonprofit centered around the idea of giving back. Key takeaway? It all started with one bead.