Our students are changing the world. Read about their ideas below.

Students spend the majority of our program designing Action Plans describing how they would like to use $1,000 to make a difference locally. Two thirds of the way through programming, students pitch their ideas to the class. The group votes to select the winning idea and the entire class comes together to see that idea through into fruition. Our students and the community they live in are better off as a result.



Mount Vernon Middle School
7th Grade

The problem this group wanted to solve was bullying. They worked with SpaceVinyl to design the “R.O.C.K.” logo, which stands for Respect, Open up, Confidence, Keep away. The students created an anti-bullying video that introduced a pledge against bullying. The video was shown to the entire school and students were encouraged to sign a physical copy of the pledge during lunch. Upon signing, students received a R.O.C.K. bracelet.


Don't Let go of H20 

Salem Academy Charter School
7th and 8th Grade

The students at Salem Academy Charter School (SACS) noticed that their classmates were consuming too many sugary drinks. After researching the problem, they found that the average teen's diet has sugary drinks as the top calorie source. To solve the problem, this group designed water bottles (with the help of SpaceVinyl) to hold fresh and healthy water for students. They used their $1,000 grant to give a water bottle to each student at SACS along with an informational card describing the pros and cons of ditching unhealthy drinks. 


No Smoking

North Street Elementary
2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade

The issue this group wanted to address was smoking. The group used the $1,000 to bring a doctor into the school to talk to the entire student body about the effects of smoking on the lungs. They also donated $300 to the local cardiovascular rehabilitation center. During their final session, they worked with SpaceVinyl to design a “no smoking” logo. They used the remainder of their grant to have SpaceVinyl print the logo on beanies and stickers to spread awareness.