Designed to cultivate young leaders at the elementary school level and instill a culture of giving back, our twenty-hour curriculum uses philanthropy as a platform for social emotional learning.

Three areas of focus


The sessions in our curriculum are carefully curated by experts in the fields of education, child psychology, and entrepreneurial studies to increase student self-confidence, improve public speaking skills, and engage leaders in an customized social impact experience. Take a look at our curriculum overview. 

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Programming Results

Many schools incorporate service learning into their academic culture. Part of our mission is to become experts in this field of civic engagement. We are selective about the schools and after school organizations that we work with. Once chosen, each partner is assigned a Program Director from our office who attends 100% of the sessions and works outside of each session to further enrich the program experience.


During One Bead, I became more aware of issues happening in the world. 



I am proud of the way my class is making a difference in the community with $1,000, even if the idea was not mine. 


I feel more confident in my strengths and know how to use my network web to find people who can help me with things that are challenging. 

*Data collected during Fall 2017 programming

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Programming with Purpose

We care about each child. A lot. We partner with Harvard's PEAR Institute to administer their Holistic Student Assessment (HSA) to each of our students prior to programming. The HSA results give us an individualized portrait of each child we work with, allowing us to customize our curriculum based on their needs. We dedicate specific time within program sessions to 1:1 meetings between instructors and students. This adds a mentorship component to our work that is built on trust and open communication. Our hope is to stay connected with every student we work with long after our program is over. We nominate a certain number of students each year to speak at TEDxBeaconStreet.

 Mount Vernon Middle School

Mount Vernon Middle School


Our students are changing the world.

Students spend the majority of our program designing Action Plans describing how they would like to use $1,000 to make a difference locally. Two thirds of the way through programming, students pitch their ideas to the class. The group votes to select the winning idea and the entire class comes together to see that idea through into fruition. Our students and the community they live in are better off as a result.

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