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…is to prove that one student can be a catalyst for change anywhere in the world. Read more about what we do according to a few of our key stakeholders below:

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“I would describe it (One Bead) as a way to make a change, and get your voice known. The people who are there are like family. It’s a pleasure.”

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“At One Bead, we give kids a $1,000 opportunity to make a difference. The organization started because of a philanthropic experience I had in college that gave me a renewed sense of self-confidence and purpose. However, it is not this experience itself that inspires our programming, but rather the process of reflection and discernment involved with discovering one’s identity.”


"One Bead gave each student a voice and explained how important that voice was to be heard. The program helped build a confidence in each child that was incredible to witness. One Bead helped these students with skills they will use for the rest of their lives such as; public speaking, team building and networking."

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Mailing Address:

One Bead
30 High St.
Hudson, OH 44236
(330) 554-8096


(With appointment only)

79 Gainsborough St. 
Unit 104
Boston, MA 02115
(330) 554-8096


The name "One Bead" is symbolic of our Founder's own philanthropic experience in Kenya. In 2011, Sara collaborated with Kenyan artisan, Anselm Croze on a service project supporting Anselm’s local community. Sara led fundraising efforts for this initiative by selling Anselm's handmade, recycled glass beads to friends and family members back home. The intrinsic leadership qualities that developed in Sara as a result of this hands-on, service-based learning quickly became apparent. The organization started with one bead and one opportunity to make a difference in Kenya. Now, that bead is a symbol of inspiration and a catalyst for change in communities around the globe. Anselm continues to be an invaluable mentor to Sara and has maintained a firm belief in the organization’s mission and vision.